3 Ways to Create Your Dream Space on a Budget

Posted by Kristan

If home is where the heart is, why is it so hard to splurge on the breathtaking side chair you’ve been coveting? It’s simple…our budget gets in the way. However, there are a few simple ways to spruce up your space, without killing your account. Although, sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Your home should enhance your 5 senses: see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Although some of those things cannot be implemented with home décor, 3 out of 5 aren’t bad. Check out our Top 3 simple ways to update your space under $150.00


Whether you prefer a simple color pallet or an eclectic mix, you can transform any space into a luxurous getaway by mixing and matching diverse materials. Stay within your room’s color scheme, have fun, add throws and pillows with different textures and prints for a POP of personality and don’t stick to the basics. Pairing different fabrics and textures will make your room come to life and is the least expensive way to give your space a different appearance.

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Budget: $75.00 (World Market | Pillows & Throws)


The easiest way to spice things up in a space is to add a little color. However, color doesn’t always mean bright shades (for my neutral decorators). Find the pallet that gives you a peace of mind and add it! Whether it’s an art print, accent piece, or even a vase with flowers, a pop of color will add warmth and depth to your space. Maybe it’s a picture frame or a piece of pottery – go out on a limb and grab something fun! Sticking to different shades of soft tones work just as well and have the same effect.


Budget: $50.00 (Kirkland’s-Art | Belk-White Vase | Haverty’s-Bay View Box)


Do you ever get a whiff of something and it makes you think of somewhere or someone? Well that should be a reference for your own home. Invest in specific scents for your room or rooms. Nothing makes someone more feel relaxed and comfortable like a sweet reminder of home.

19851559_007_b candles-signature-volcano1_grande41dSqSP9LiL._SY300_

Budget: $25.00 (Alter’d State-Volcano Candles | Yankee Candle )

Decorating is ultra simple when you grasp the direction. Thankfully, us gals can find all the inspiration we ever dreamed of at the click of a button on Pinterest. Once you have a board full of pins, make a list and get shopping. And remember, your home doesn’t have to be Pinterest perfect to be a perfect place for you!


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