Back to School Shopping Haul

Posted by Natalie

It seems like Summer only started yesterday but I know that school is right around the corner. No one really wants to go back to school but we all know that back to school shopping can be exciting, especially at The Avenue! I knew I was going to need a couple of things for school so I decided to go and see what was new. There’s no doubt about it, it was time for a change in my closet. When I went to The Avenue, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had all the latest styles and just what I was looking for.


Number one on my list was a new T-shirt. However, I didn’t want just any T-shirt because I love to wear leggings and to wear leggings at my school you must follow the dress code. I journeyed over to Victoria’s Secret PINK because I wanted some cute, comfy tees. Turns out it was my lucky day because they had some perfect legging T-shirts, just the kind that I love. Cute, comfortable, and dress code appropriate – perfect!

Now that I had snagged my T-shirts, it was time to look for some jeans. I only have about two pairs of jeans because I wear leggings more often so I really wanted to explore some new pairs. I made my way over to Forever 21 to look for options. It ended up being super convenient because they had tons of jeans to choose from. Ripped, skinny, bell bottom, high waisted or low waisted, they had it all. I left victorious with a couple cute pairs of skinny and ripped jeans. Now, I will finally have some jeans to go with my shirts!

Now that I had bought all the clothes I needed, I wanted to look for new shoes. I’ve had the same pair of tennis shoes forever and it was about time I bought some that aren’t bright pink or green. I knew the perfect place to go for this dilemma – DICK’S Sporting Goods. I searched and ended up falling in love with two different pairs but I chose the pair I thought would go best with my outfits. It will be really great to have some shoes I can run around and go to school in.

After that, it was time for accessories! I love being outside but we all know the sun can hurt our eyes. I ventured into Hollister to check out what kind of sunglasses they had. All the options I saw were so fun and colorful, but at the end of the day I had to decide on one pair. These will be so helpful when school starts so I can ride the bus and not be bothered by the sun in my face while also looking stylish.

Before it was time to leave, I had to make one last stop. I knew I would be having gym class and I wanted to make sure I smelled like a rose when I headed back to class! I made a quick stop to Bath and Body Works for some delicious-smelling perfume and hand sanitizer. Everything always smells amazing in there; I could stay for hours. My mom even bought a candle so now everything always smells great in our house.

My closet finally has some brand-new clothes and shoes. I can go to school in some cute tennis shoes and smell great. It was all thanks to The Avenue – they had everything I was looking for, our trip there was easy, and I got everything on my list. I can’t wait to go back again soon!

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