Dining at The Avenue as a Family

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Need to figure out dinner AND get a little shopping in this weekend??? Don’t be afraid to take the whole family along on your next trip to The Avenue and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. If you’re like me, you LOVE when everyone’s together for the weekends! …but ahem, I don’t know about you- but the last thing I want to do, especially at the end of a long school/work week, is to try and come up with a grandiose meal of sorts for our family of 6.

This is where The Avenue steps in.

Seriously, who can go wrong with such a variety of restaurants and specialty food options all in one convenient spot. Newk’s Eatery, Chili’s and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse are definitely among our faves in Murfreesboro for a great family atmosphere.  It did not surprise us one bit when not too long ago, our kiddos chose Mimi’s Café for our weekend brunch.


You know it’s a great family restaurant when you can walk in the door with your entire crew and the staff doesn’t seem the least bit phased by our large party, or the four rascally little goobers we were toting. As soon as we stepped into the cute French-inspired café, I quickly remembered why we love it so much. Armed with crayons and kid’s menus in hand, our lovely hostess happily led us out to the patio seats we requested so that we could take advantage of the gorgeous fall-like weather. As we got everyone settled, we began to peruse the daily offerings.


Tried and true, Mimi’s Café at The Avenue really does have a little something for everyone.

Their menus are extensive and filled with a variety of great options, but in my opinion, their sweet spot is definitely within their breakfast items. Everything from their handmade crepes and quiches to their made-to-order omelets and farmhouse options are just wonderful.

Have a hankering for something savory? Their eggs benedict with herb roasted potatoes are very popular.  Of course, you could also satisfy that sweet tooth with over a dozen french toast, griddle cake, and waffle plates. Just about anything that you can pour syrup over is a sure-fire winner in my family! And for the health-conscious foodies out there, let me tell ya’, they don’t cut any corners with their egg white and veggie omelets, fresh fruit or steel-cut oats. Absolutely delicious!


I like to give something new a try every time I’m there and I haven’t been disappointed yet. My kiddos love to take advantage of Mimi’s “Breakfast served all day” offers and will order their cute chocolate-chip puppy dog griddlecakes no matter the time of day, every single time.

And let’s just be honest, what trip to Mimi’s would be complete without one of their freshly-baked muffins?! Mimi’s handcrafted muffins are so good they conveniently offer them in to-go packs of 4, 6 or 8. Right now Blackberry Streusel is their seasonal choice, and Buttermilk Spice, Carrot Raisin and Honey Bran hold it down as the familiar favorites. I love them all and don’t know if I’ve ever left their restaurant without a couple! They are the perfect for a little sweet snack later while you and the family complete the rest of your errands.


So whether you are running into a couple of stores or having a leisurely shopping day, give yourself a break and make sure you take advantage of the dining convenience at The Avenue. Mimi’s Café or any of The Avenue stores and restaurants will not only provide an enjoyable dining experience that is fun, but I guarantee it will be the perfect treat for both you and the entire family.

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