Freshen Up Your Holiday Decor at The Avenue

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It’s November and I’m calling it. It’s time to bring out those totes of holiday decor and get to decorating!

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What’s that? Your decor is less than stellar? No worries. You don’t have to throw it all out. Head over to The Avenue and find a few perfect pieces to freshen up what you have!

Here are my top tips for freshening your holiday decor.

Mad for Plaid

Accent your home this season with pops of plaid!


Kirkland’s is a great place to find a new plaid decoration to add to your home this holiday.

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Entertaining? How about these plaid chargers from Michaels? Perfect for the holiday table scape.

Gift Box Decor


Love a certain holiday decorating trend this year but don’t want to commit your entire decorating allowance to something you may not want long term?  Why not purchase gift boxes in that style?!  You’ll be needing gift wrap anyway and trendy boxes and baskets like these will lend to the look you’re after without blowing the budget.

Refresh With Small Touches


Even adding small touches like this chalkboard sign to your existing wreath will help freshen up last year’s decor.

These ideas are just a drop in the holiday decorating bucket. Bookstores, like Barnes & Noble, are a great place to pick up books and magazines with loads of creative ideas for this year’s holiday season. While you’re there, be sure to grab a cup of Christmas cheer like a peppermint mocha!

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