Little Looks for Spring

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Spring has arrived and now that I’ve got my own little baby man in tow, I can’t help but get excited to get him dressed all the time. I learned that my life has quickly become more about what he’s going to wear than myself most of the time. Let’s face it, kids are FUN to dress up! Since the weather is warming up, I had to hurry and get to some of my favorite stores at The Avenue Murfreesboro to see what kind of on trend kid stuff I could find. I’m on the hunt for some cute spring clothes, but even more specifically, spring accessories. With Easter around the corner and sunshine being a regular visitor (fingers crossed), I wanted to check out all the sunglasses, hats, sandals, and anything else cute that I could find. However, since I’m only shopping for a boy these days, I brought along a girlfriend who has a little girl who’s only 4 days younger than my son, so we could look at ALL the things.

GAP Kids

We stopped at GAP Kids first. As usual, they did not disappoint. Gap had so many adorable things! My favorite about their baby department is that it’s truly quality over quantity. They don’t have the largest selection for little babies, but they have just enough stuff and its always so cute. While there, I found the cutest baby shark hat and little girl summer shoes ever. Their sandal selection was everything you could want if shopping for a girl. Of course we had to browse our way into the toddler section to daydream of the future fashion days to come for our littles. 2 words: SO FUN!



Our next stop was Carters. Ya’ll, I love Carters. It’s great for basics, always has the best sales, and they always have random adorableness. They had all their swim stuff marked super low. There were super presh little flip flops (HAD to snag a pair), sunglasses, beach hats, etc. They also had plenty of adorable bowties 50% off just in time for the Holiday. I’m unsure how long it’s going on for, but they currently have 50% off their entire store along with 20% off clearance. If you don’t catch this sale, they always have plenty of others going on!


The Children’s Place

Our last stop of the day was The Children’s Place. Another great place for basics, but oh my goodness the accessories!! They have tiny little baby girl jelly sandals. There are tons of other cute sandals but jelly sandals! You can’t just walk past them. What a total flash back to growing up in the 90’s. If that wasn’t enough, they had the cutest little boy sandals too. I know, I know, I’ve been totally carried away on the shoe thing this trip but there just isn’t too much cuter than tiny little baby shoes. They also had tons of headbands, hair clips, and bows. Lastly, they had an adorable bear safari style hat. (See: picture of a little cutie rocking it.)


I’m sure if I would’ve stayed at The Avenue Murfreesboro all day, I could’ve found plenty of more adorable kid accessories at some of the other awesome stores like Crazy 8 and Mimi’s. There are a lot of places to choose from when it comes to kid clothes. I’m so glad that I’m all set and ready for whatever SPRINGS our way this year.

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