New Year, New Adventures

New Year, New Adventures Shop The Avenue for Mind, Body and Soul

The new year is in full swing and is always a time of reflection and looking forward. For many, this reflection may occur in many areas – health, spiritual, financial or other aspects of life.

With the bustle of the holiday season and the end of the year behind us now, setting goals, resolutions and intentions is top of mind for many. While many of the resolutions start with an open mindset and a plan of action, The Avenue Murfreesboro has many destinations that assist in achieving your goals.

First, start with inspiration and goal setting.

Barnes & Noble offers a wide selection of books on business, financial peace and other self-help areas that many strive to improve this time of year. Looking to get organized this year? The store also has a selection of planners, calendars and other tools that help with organization and focus. Looking to make travel a part of your 2020 adventure? Check out the wide-variety of travel and history books. Book club or more reading and less screen time a part of your aspirations? Make that book bucket list for the year with some of your B&N favorites!


Health goals are always at the top of many resolution lists and 2020 will be no different.

Orangetheory Fitness is a great starting point for the newbie or advanced health and exercise enthusiast. Their methodology reflects on training within the different heart zones to provide a workout that not only burns calories but keeps burning calories once you leave the gym. Like most goals, time and dedication are a “must-have.” Orangetheory Fitness offers classes that may be purchased on 4-time, 8-time or unlimited plans.

In the same regard, GNC offers many products to help you live well. While this may look different for each person, there is a common denominator that all want quality and safe product to help enhance their health. GNC focuses on offering high-quality products and personal service that helps guide you in the right direction with your goals. These bars are the perfect option for a healthy snack when you are on-the-go, or out shopping at The Avenue!

To achieve your resolutions or goals, you have to develop daily habits which turn into long-term habits and a lifestyle change as a result. So whatever your adventure may be in 2020, we wish you the best!

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