New Year, New Beginning

It’s out with the old and in with the new, as the ever-popular saying goes. As we have turned the page and are looking forward, the new year will signal a change and a moment of self reflection for most people, especially in the areas of health, wellness and self improvement. With this… in mind, The Avenue Murfreesboro is a top destination for all things health and fitness.

Put your best face forward

If you look good, then you feel good and that statement is true across the board. At The Avenue Murfreesboro, shops and salons such as Merle Norman Studio and Day Spa and ONU Salon will have your body and face transformed in no time with their vast selection of health and beauty products. The new year is also a great time to refresh, purge those old products and give your makeup bag it’s own makeover!

Start training

The benefits of exercise for the body and mind are endless. Any place you turn, experts will always note that exercise should be a top priority each day to help clear the mind, alleviate stress and also shape the body.

If you’re trying to mix exercise back in the daily routine, Orangetheory Fitness is a great way to begin the new year and work out in an inviting environment to achieve your goals.

At Orangetheory Fitness, there are workouts for all levels with a variety of options. Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout which is designed to produce results from the inside out.

Gear up

Of course if you are going to work out, then having the proper athletic gear and accessories is a “must have.” The Avenue Murfreesboro has a myriad of top athletic clothing choices that will keep you covered from head to toe while staying on trend.

If you are looking for new kicks, then a stroll through Champs Sports will deliver the perfect fit on your next shoe purchase. From running and training to basketball shoes, Champs Sports boasts a variety of styles for your next exercising endeavor.

In addition to Champs Sports, Forever 21 and F21 RED also has a great selection of women’s training gear which includes shorts and sports bras, among other items.

Vitamins and supplements

Exercise is one element of feeling your best, but diet is just as important when trying to reach your goals. GNC has a wide array of vitamins, supplements, protein powders and more.

As most know, diet goals may differ from one person to the next person. With that being said, the staff at GNC can also recommend what items may work best for you.



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