Polished & Professional: How to Land Your Dream Job at First Glance

Posted by Kristan

First impressions are everything, especially when interviewing for a job. There is a time and place for loud jewelry, sky high pumps and short dresses, but the workplace is not one of them. When interviewing for new opportunities or refreshing your career wardrobe, there are a few things that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Here are my top five professional style recommendations:

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The Ensemble.

Simple, solid and structured are key elements for putting together your look. A freshly pressed collared button down or silk blouse can be perfectly paired with an editor pant or tailored skirt! I love these pieces I found at Express. The fitted pant creates a sleek shape and the stylish, yet conservative top makes for a great workplace look. Better yet, classics like these are easy to mix and match.

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The Face.

Makeup is a wonderful tool created to heighten your natural qualities. However, when stepping into the workforce make sure you take a moment to analyze your makeup. Natural brows with a muted shadow and soft lip will allow people to see your skills instead of drawing attention to what could be too much detailing on your face. Find the shades that fit your skin tone and match your neutrals. Belk at The Avenue has everything from gloss to shimmer shadows for you to choose from! These are a few of my favorite work-ready Lancome lip shades.

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The Bag.

Clean, simple and chic are all qualities for the perfect office bag. Simple lines and minimal hardware will keep your look polished and refined. This black handbag from Express is the perfect finishing touch for your professional look. Pick one up for a timeless addition in your wardrobe!

The Nails.

A simple glance at the fingernails tells a lot about a woman’s personal style and drive. A day before your interview I recommend getting a manicure! However, if this splurge isn’t in your budget there are great polishes that will spruce up your look. I am a huge advocate for a natural top coat, but there are a few colors that are elegant and work ready. Stick to soft pinks or rich reds if you are going for a color, just make sure to never have a chip in them.

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The Accessories.

Whether it’s an interview or another day at the office, you should never wear more than 5 pieces of jewelry. I recommend a fine watch with minimal to no crystals or diamonds and a simple pearl earring and bracelet for a classic look- Less is always more. I found this great pair of pearl earrings and staple bracelet at Kay Jewelers. 

“Invest in yourself you can afford it. Trust me”. -Rashon Carraway

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