Spring Has Sprung, Beautify A Space Just For You

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I don’t know about you, but spring definitely gives me a fever to switch things up with my home decor and I love to challenge myself to see how I can bring in a few items to make a difference. Last year I realized that our bonus room would make a great office with a craft/play area for our son, while also serving as a hang out room as well. I moved some furniture around and brought in a few pieces and was instantly amazed at how much of a transformation happened with my intentional changes.

To show you how you can do this in your home, I took some time to mosey around Barnes and Noble on a rainy day, which was not a hard thing to do at all. It seems every time I go in there I am inspired! It really isn’t hard to make a space feel new without spending too much money or bringing way too many items into your home. One of my favorite ways to do this in my office area was to stack my favorite books to add some height, then add a yummy smelling candle (and it certainly doesn’t hurt if it is also pretty!), and grab some new office supplies. Check out the pictures below for inspiration for some fun and pretty books to use. I am a big fan of the lovely classics that Barnes and Noble has for any space because grown ups or kids alike all love them! If you are looking for something a little more masculine they also had some great options, too.











Another great way to spruce up a space is by adding a tray and that lovely pink one certainly doesn’t disappoint! Place a cute mug or pen/pencil holder on it, a new journal that inspires you to write or even some of the activity books I found, and your cute new office supplies and voila – you have a great spot that is both easy on the eye and practical. If there is enough room, I like to add a candle, a vase for some fresh flowers or a plant to bring life to the space. Also, if stacking books isn’t your style they had so many bookends that would work, too.

IMG_8891    IMG_8890

If you are looking to refresh a room with spring home decor and want to do more than adding a nice touch here or there I found what you need at World Market. Sometimes a room needs to be refreshed with a new piece of furniture, updated accessories, or even something different and unique for the walls and all of that (and more!) can be found at this lovely store that is like a feast for the eyes.

Throw pillows are certainly an easy way to switch up the look of a space – add some interesting texture, introduce a new pattern, or completely change the color scheme of a room by bringing in something new.

image14    image11

Lamps are the same way – if you have a more traditional space but want to bring in a trendy item or two a lamp with a fun shade or a different texture is a great place to start.

image9    image10

If you are starting over with a room or changing it’s function, a shelf or sitting piece (like the blue pictured below) is certainly an easy way to add some character to a space.

image1    image5

If you are working with a small room, a mirror is functional and also can make the space appear larger. The woven wall hanging and gold discs are a great way to bring interest to any wall in your house, too.

image18  image15 2.0














My personal favorite way to change a space is using picture frames. By grouping them together in varying heights and patterns it creates interest on a table or bookshelf.















What are your favorite ways to spruce up your space for spring? Share some inspo of your own!

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