Summer Makeup Essentials

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With the heat that comes along with the blazing southern sun, I find it so important to talk about one thing we all seem to love these days and that is makeup. I personally prefer to keep my summer makeup minimal, but I do have a few must-haves that I keep handy between the pool days and the days I don’t have to get myself all the way ready. I stopped by a couple of stores at The Avenue Murfreesboro to get my hands on some of my favorite summertime essentials. Most of the items that I can’t live without are from Ulta Beauty. They seem to always carry some of my favorite brands and while I was there, I even asked a couple of the girls working what they can’t live without this summer, so I’ll also share those with you.

My personal favorite item of all time but definitely during the summer is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. It’s not an expensive item at all and it’s one that you’ll find yourself tossing in your purse or beach bag to endure that summer heat. I like to use it before I apply any makeup, but I also use it to spritz on my face during the day to cool off and moisturize. It has a really refreshing light scent that instantly makes you feel uplifted and happy. The best thing about this rose water spray is that it won’t mess up your makeup but will add that subtle dewy look that we all seem to go for.

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I also prefer a light-weight foundation that gives great coverage. Smashbox Studio Skin has been fantastic as it stays on for 15 hours straight. This is a great essential to have on hand for the days you want a little more coverage.

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Another summer makeup essential is a great highlighter. I don’t spend a ton of money on my highlighter, but I appreciate it for that added glow. I use this Revolution brand called Strobe. It works perfectly over my blush and swept across the top of my nose and forehead.

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If you’re into eyeshadow palettes, Urban Decay just released an awesome new summer palette called Naked Heat. The girls who work at Ulta said it’s a definite hit and I agree that the colors are gorgeous.

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They also said the new Too Faced HangoveRx 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray has been huge for this summer. I didn’t get the opportunity to try this fantastic primer, but a great primer and setting spray goes a long way for summer makeup.

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Other than these items, I always find that a great mascara is essential. Nothing quite makes your eyes pop as much as a plump mascara. I have tried multiple brands over the years and the one I’m currently obsessed with is a sample size (birthday reward from Ulta) by Lancome. Little insider: keep your eyes out for its special release at the end of the month. That’s all I can say. It is MAGIC. Finally, I always like to finish off with a simple lip. I don’t know who carries better lip gloss than Victoria’s Secret. I’m kind of obsessed with their minty shine lip gloss. It’s refreshing and cool. After a day in the sun, that’s exactly what I want on my lips.

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However, if you’re more of a color kind of gal, they carry a Velvet Matte line that is long lasting and in multiple shades that will do the trick.

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The great thing about summer is being able to keep it simple. It doesn’t take much to have a polished, sun-kissed look. Head to The Avenue Murfreesboro to try these summertime essentials for yourself.

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