The Final Countdown: Last Minute Essentials for Baby and Mom

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We are just shy of two weeks until my anxiously-awaited due date and this cooler weather that says Autumn is right around the corner, has been just what the doctor ordered. I thought this would be the perfect week to stop by The Avenue Murfreesboro to get some last minute essentials before our baby boy arrives. After two baby showers and lots of hand-me-downs from some sweet mama friends, I figured it was still necessary to go grab a few things on my own. Besides, a little extra walking these days is just what my body needs even when I don’t feel like it and shopping around isn’t bad motivation either.

Motherhood Maternity has been my best friend during this pregnancy. One, it’s super convenient as it’s centrally located in The Avenue but also, they always have great deals. Since I’m finished buying maternity clothes (even though I may live in them for awhile longer—-so comfy!), I figured I’d stop in and see what kind of nursing stuff they have.

My personal goal is to nurse and because of that, I know I’m going to need nursing bras, nursing tanks, nursing gowns, and the list goes on. Well, Motherhood Maternity didn’t fail me. There were so many choices of not only bras, but also super cute nursing night gowns. They run specials on their nursing bras pretty frequently so it’s good to know that in the future, I can keep my eye out for some coupons and emails to score special deals.

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What I really loved was their assortment in gowns/robes, though. There were many super fun choices for when you’re spending your days of maternity leave wanting to be as comfortable as possible but you also want to feel good about yourself.

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Another thing that has been recommended to me for post-partum has been something to help my stomach swelling go down and thankfully, Motherhood Maternity had Belly Shapers in stock.

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Some other last minute essentials I had to snag while there was their Body Boost Milk & Honey (my personal favorite scent) stretch mark oil, some Soothies Gel Pads and a Fenugreek Breastfeeding Supplement by Upspring. It was great to know that they carried these items in store.

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Motherhood Maternity is definitely a one stop shop for all things not only maternity, but post-partum as well. I was really blown away by their choices.

After I left Motherhood, I waddled down to Carters. For a pregnant woman, that was quite the walk but Carters has yet to fail me when searching for cute baby clothes. I didn’t get much in the way of socks and little mittens from baby showers for our little man, so of course they had plenty of those on hand.

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I, of course, found some stuff that probably wouldn’t be considered an “essential” but they’ve got some of the cutest little shoes ever!

FullSizeRender (39)

They also have their Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas gear already. I’m sure more is on the way but I couldn’t get over this “Gobble Til You Wobble” romper. Yes, please!

FullSizeRender (40)

They also had some of the cutest little button down/collared onesie and pant sets. We have a wedding not too long after our little man is born and I found the cutest outfit with suspenders that’ll make him the best dressed little one at the event.

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I wasn’t able to stop in during my trip this week, but another great place for those sweet baby items in The Avenue Murfreesboro is Mimi’s. They have anything you could want from that perfect coming home outfit to an adorable monogrammed blanket or sweet little bloomers for that baby girl. Mimi’s also carries a lot of boutique brands that serve as southern baby essentials.

Overall, thanks to this last minute trip to The Avenue Murfreesboro, I think I am more than prepared for whatever the next couple of months bring. Obviously, my healthy baby boy will have what he needs but because of this trip, so will this new mama.

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