The Key to Great Graduation Gifts

Posted by Shelby

Today’s graduates are the hardest to buy for – I mean, should you get them a gift card, a specialty gift, or a sentimental gift? Well, The Avenue stores are making the purchasing process a breeze with their many grad gift selections. Here are three stores that are my picks for the best graduation buys: Carla & Co., Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

When I was shopping the first store I stopped in was Carla & Co. They specialize in gifts for women of all ages, including graduating girls. At the front of the store they even currently have a table set up for graduation gifts of all sorts. This grad gift grab table includes monogrammed towels, shirts, necklaces, rain jackets, etc. Also available is a selection of Vera Bradley bags (great for trips back home), Tennessee themed necklaces, picture frames, bracelets, jewelry boxes and even necklaces with the Siegel High and Blackman High logos. All of these presents are fabulous for any graduating girl and become essential accessories for college freshman.

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Because I am only a junior in high school, I put myself in the shoes of the graduates: what would I want as a grad gift? Unfazed, my first thought was technology. I ran across to Best Buy and realized this was perfect! Many do not think about going to Best Buy for grad gifts because most items are higher in price. However, a gift card can go a long way when combined with other gifts and saved money- you can help give your grad exactly what they have been wanting!

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Last but never least, Bed Bath & Beyond. I love this store! Not only do they have every As Seen On TV product, they also have crazy-cool contraptions and all types of bedding. All college students need bedding and sheets and while it may sound boring, they will be thanking you later! As young people, we love changing things up and the more bedding, sheets and room decor we have, the better. Also, if the grad you are buying for loves traditional Tennessee decor, this is the place to go. They have rustic looking wall decorations such as the Tennessee flag and even a cut out of the shape of Tennessee.

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All of these stores have amazing gifts for your graduate. Not only do they have options for you to choose from, but the gift displays make it easy for you to see the selection. Overall, The Avenue is the best place to shop for graduation gifts and if you need an idea on where to start, try Carla & Co., Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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